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Hi there.

I feel like that to write article is for the first time in several years.

Before, I use 'WordPress' as blog system, but it was not interesting for me.
then, I constructed by myself them.

* Technical story will begin.

My old system is below.

Old system configuration.png

Access the Wordpress via nginx, it is very ordinary structure as I know.

I used nginx as reverse proxy because I want to run other application.

Someone thinks "Tomcat is old". me too.

But, I choose the Tomcat because I wanted to write the server side with Java three years ago.

"" was distributing my Minecraft mod, and counting download.

This application is very small. Already gone now.

Tomcat cannot communicate nginx directly.
Therefore, I used "Apache HTTP Server" to communicate nginx and Tomcat.

Very troublesome.

Time passes, I got tired to manage this system.

Then I started to develop "New System" without WordPress.

New System

New system configurations are below.

New System.png

I felt modernize suddenly.

I upgrade OS to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. (Before, I used 16.04 LTS)

Although main application is running under the Docker.

Ubuntu is so much it does not matter.

Unlike old system, I constructed deployment feature.

If deployment is Bothersome, my development motivation is going down quickly.

I think that one of the reasons to retire WordPress.

I developed new system with ASP.NET Core instead of WordPress.

ASP.NET Core is using C# language.

My C# experience is gained by NicoNicoViewer.

I thought It was just time to use ASP.NET Core.

This application including some feature.

  • Blog system
  • File distribution and counting download
  • I18n
  • Deploy management of NicoNicoViewer

Internationalization is not required for usual blog, so I implemented to study English.

I'm Japanese. My English vocabulary is still poor... :(

I implemented NicoNicoViewer's subfeature like a Plugin.

Docker is never holding some log data. Therefore, I decided to use Azure's service.

Running all application on Azure is very easy.

But, sakura VPS's price is better than Azure VM.

so, I use only logging feature on Azure.

ASP.NET Core is modern MVC Framework.

Official document and library is abundant.

At least, Official library provide Twitter authentication, GitHub Webhooks and more. It was only ASP.NET Core as I know.

To sign in this blog, need to 2FA with Google Authenticator. But no need to third party authentication library. It is very nice :)

Also blog speed performance was improved compared to WordPress.

I want to implement some feature.

Still not implement comment feature and responsive design.

I developed also Frontend application, but let's make it some other time.

Bye. mrtska

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